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This project developes an application able to manage the cameras, different home automation sensors and actuators and let to control them remotely through your mobile phone. It also automatically detects alarm situations (intruders, etc) and sends alarm messages.


Roberto Calvo and José María Cañas share the credits of the application in the versions 1 & 2.

Daniel Castellano made the versions 3 & 4.

Surveillance 4.0[edit]

Yeaaah! Surveillance 4.0 is finally here!


Sensors & alarms:

Actuators & cameras:

Another demostration (this time I recorded only the screen):

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  • SVN repository: SVN

Surveillance 3.0[edit]

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  • SVN repository: SVN

6th September 2011[edit]

This projects shows the prototype one about surveillance system. This subsystem is composed by PIR sensor (movement), temperature sensor and magnetic door sensor.

The arduino board is connected to LAN through Ethernet port and Android is conected using wifi connection. The communication is based in HTTP+JSON.

2th Agost 2011[edit]

Surveillance 1.0[edit]

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28 March 2011[edit]

8 March 2011[edit]

Using jderobot platform you can see the real camera and the depth camera with your Android mobile.

23 July 2010[edit]

28 January 2010[edit]

This is an early version of an alarm generator using motion. In the video, we can see how some areas change to red when motion over the indicated threshold is detected.

18 January 2010[edit]

December 2009[edit]

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