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Eldercare autonomously detects people falls using regular cameras. It is aimed at elder people which live alone. The system reduces the time without medical assistance in the case of fall or faint of the elder patient. It continuously analyzes the images from several cameras and estimates the 3D position of the people in the monitored area. In the event of a fall or a faint it triggers the alarm to alert a relative or a doctor. The system does not require any actuation from the patient, it is completely autonomous and non intrusive. It is based on particle filters technology, motion and color analysis.


Fran Rivas, Antonio Pineda, Sara Marugán, JoseMaria Cañas, Roberto Calvo share the credits of this application.

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  • (2013-09-02) Test in real office
  • (2013-03-15) Fall detector and protected zone intrusion.
  • (2012-05-30) Fifht Eldercare prototype: using kinect instead of cameras.
  • (2012-05-30) Last version of eldercare 4.6 running on LAMBECOM (URJC-Alcorcón)
  • (2010-06-28) Fourth Eldercare prototype, tests in real home.
  • (2010-05) Fourth Eldercare prototype.

Eldercare-4.0 permits to manage alarms from a cell phone. Alarm events are stored in a data base with an associated recording. Firstly Eldercare sends an email to the user and then the data base can be consulted from Eldercare client application executing on Android cell phone. Also the client can receive live streaming from a camera.

  • (2010-01) Third Eldercare prototype.
  • (2008-07-08) Our ElderCare application was explained at TeleMadrid news.
  • (2008-06-13) Demo at 'National Center for Accessibility Technology' (León).
  • (2007) Second ElderCare prototype
  • (2006) First ElderCare prototype